Women’s Thursday Morning Bible Study

Women’s Thursday Morning Bible Study

 Covenant is like the missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle that completes the picture of our so-great-a-salvation. 

Andrew Murray, the man of God who spoke so profoundly to those living in the late 1800s, wrote: 

Blessed is the man who truly knows God as his Covenant God; who knows what the Covenant promises him; what unwavering confidence of expectation it secures, that all its [covenant’s] terms will be fulfilled to him; what a claim and hold it gives him on the Covenant-keeping God Himself. To many a man, who has never thought much of the Covenant, a true and living faith in it would mean the transformation of his whole life. The full knowledge of what God wants to do for him; the assurance that it will be done by an Almighty Power; the being drawn to God Himself in personal surrender, and dependence, and waiting to have it done; all this would make the Covenant the very gate of heaven. May the Holy Spirit give us some vision of its glory. (taken from the study)

Come and join us as we grow together through this study on “Covenant”

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