Coronavirus Info

Coronavirus Info

Churches in Gilbert, AZ

For churches in Gilbert, AZ, there are some regulations related to the Coronavirus that we need to consider and implement as needed. We care about your health and safety and want you to feel comfortable and safe when on our property or at a church event!

What to Expect when you attend a service:

  • Masks and hand sanitizer are available at the entrance of the sanctuary
  • Masks are not required, but welcome
  • Seating in sanctuary has been spaced further apart to assist with social distancing
  • A “masks only” section is available in the back of the sanctuary

Encouragement from Pastor Craig


Dear Church Family,

No doubt by now we have grown somewhat accustomed to updates from the governing authorities in our state related to the Coronavirus, and this week was no exception. Again, I know that one of the questions that comes to our minds in the wake of these updates is, “How does all of this translate to the church, and more specifically, our Calvary East Valley church home?” After spending time this week seeking the Lord in prayer, reviewing the recent executive order, and gleaning additional wisdom from others, the elder board has made the decision to continue to stay the course with our weekly in person option for our Sunday morning service. We acknowledge according to the attorney general of the state of Arizona that the church is an essential activity, and that according to the recent order implemented by our governor, “Nothing in this order shall inhibit a person from engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion…provided that such is conducted in a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the extent feasible.”

I want you to know we do not make this decision lightly, and with this decision, we feel the weight of the responsibility that comes with it. As I have mentioned previously, it is not possible for us as a church to eliminate the risk of contracting the Coronavirus if you and your family choose to attend our in person option, but we do want to do all that we can to minimize these risks. Our efforts to do so include providing the cleanest, safest environment we possibly can, asking if you are sick or have an underlying health issue that would make you more susceptible to contracting the virus to take advantage of our online service option, and overall to practice healthy hygiene while among us, practicing social distancing to the extent feasible and taking advantage of our hand sanitizing stations as you enter and exit the building.

More recently, the discussion of masks have come into view, and arguably this is the most difficult and uncomfortable aspect of our in person meeting option. And one for the time being that I am going to humbly ask we continue to go the second mile to adhere to. According to guidelines put out by the Town of Gilbert regarding this order, masks are strongly recommended when social distancing guidelines cannot be adhered to, and on a Sunday morning this primarily involves making our way onto the campus, checking our children into the children’s ministry, and navigating the narrow hallway heading in to the MPR for our service. Again, once inside, the chairs have been set up in accordance with social distancing guidelines, and so you are free to remove your mask once you are seated with your family for those who are comfortable doing so. These same considerations for masks would apply as the service concludes and you make your way back out into the courtyard and to your car.

Will this be a perfect process? It will not. Are we asking those who have a health condition to wear a mask, or children under 6 years of age? We are not. Will there be times when that language “to the extent feasible” is in operation? No doubt it will. But at the end of the day, these guidelines represent our best efforts as a church to operate under our constitutional rights, but to do so in the most responsible, God honoring manner we possibly can. Again, we will continue to provide our livestream option for those more comfortable connecting with us from home at this time.

What does the future hold with all of this? I am not sure I have an answer for that, but as we talked in our recent video update this week, what an encouragement to know that when we “are lost in the mystery, to You my future is a memory, because You’re already there” (Casting Crowns). Along with each of you, I continue to draw strength and encouragement from the truth that God is sovereign and working all things together for the fulfillment of His purposes and the imminent return of Christ; our Spirit filled, Spirit enabled challenge is to continue to abide in Him one step at a time, one day at a time, while God has given us the gift of this time. If our hearts are willing, His grace is sufficient, and last time I checked, grace changes everything!

I love you all and pray you have an amazing rest of your week. Lord willing, I look forward to connecting with you either in person or online for our upcoming Sunday morning service as we continue our study through the book of Jonah!

Yours and His,