Global Recordings Network

Mike & Cora Hendricks

Mike and Cora Hendricks have worked in full-time ministry for the past 40 years, beginning in Native communities in the Southwest while Mike studied Cross-Cultural Missions. They have worked with several mission organizations over the years, coming alongside growing native churches to help mentor their youth.  As native churches grew and

 matured, the focus began changing from ministering TO Native American youth to ministering WITH them as God opened doors with invitations and opportunities to take Native teams to share their faith in Christ in other cultures. Mike and Cora currently serve with Global Recordings Network (GRN) in their Intercultural Ministries Outreach and Distribution department. GRN has the largest database of known languages around the globe and has recorded Gospel resources in over 6,500 languages with a focus on oral learners. Mike continues to train and facilitate teams to other cultures and can now take these resources with them in digital format to offer freely to those they encounter.